1000+ Marathi Whatsapp Status, Saying in One Line, Best Collection in Marathi

marathi-statusMany People are love to speak Marathi Language because it is his/her mother tongue. Digital media has change to whole world and nor people are so far. There are many digital system which connects the people through the text, video, message and many other ways and whatsapp is one of them. People love to share things through the whatsapp and if they share the things in own language then its more beautiful and easy for that. As you know that many millions Marathi people speak Marathi language and they love to share Marathi Whatsapp Status in its whatsapp. So it is pleasure to my team to list best Marathi whatsapp status so that you should use it in your app.

Many native Marathi speaker has send message to provide the list of cute Marathi whatsapp status so we though that it is good if we dedicate all these status to all my Marathi speaker. There are lots of status available in Marathi language so our team has collected some best status in Marathi Language. All Marathi Whatsapp Status in Marathi so it is very easy to understand to Marathi speaking people. People feel very good when they express his/her sad, happy, tensed and other feeling in its own language. So you can choose any of the status related to that from the below given list.

My team member has put lot effort to make this collection unique so you can copy any of the status from this list and paste it on whatsapp. You can also encourage other people to update status in Marathi so that people get some habit in using Marathi language in whatsapp and other platform.      

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